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Employees of Legal Profservice Law Firm in May 2020 successfully liquidated the foreign representative office of a foreign company with the registered address of the main company in the UK. The company has completed its activities and has successfully passed the checks of all regulatory authorities.


It is known that in 2017 there were some changes in the legislation on the payment of a single social fee.


Согласно украинскому законодательству, иностранные лица, не имеющие постоянного вида на жительство в Украине, обязаны для устройства на официальную работу получить соответствующее разрешение. Такая практика распространена не только в Украине, но практически во всех существующих государствах в мире.


Many Ukrainians are married to citizens of other countries. Also, there are many foreigners who are married to each other and temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine. On the basis of marriage, depending on the situation, it is possible to issue either a temporary or a permanent residence permit. Let's consider in more detail how it is possible to issue a temporary and permanent residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of marriage and what is needed for this.

LLC Registration in Ukraine

Set up of LLC in Ukraine.Регистрация ООО Киев

The cost of registration of the LLC >>>>>
What you need to open a LLC in Kiev >>>>>>
Choosing the name of your LLC >>>>>
Set up of LLC. Getting started. >>>>>
LLC Charter. >>>>>
Legal address of LLC. >>>>>
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Many international entrepreneurs seek to create or expand their business, including in the Ukrainian market. Legal Profservice Law Company specializes in assisting these entrepreneurs, and we would like to provide you with some information to familiarize yourself with this service primarily.

What is LLC? LLC is an abbreviation of the phrase limited liability company. Since in Ukraine two main languages ​​are used in colloquial and written speech, the LLC form is also often used in Ukrainian - Tovaristvo z obmezhenoi vidpovidalnistyu (abbreviated TOV).

So, LLC (limited liability company) is a kind of business company, a specific business structure, well known for the flexibility it provides to business owners.

Registration of LLC is a necessary procedure if you decide to legally start business activities in Ukraine. A limited liability company (LLC) is a popular form of business organization because it allows owners to limit their personal liability for actions taken by the company; the founders are also not personally liable for the debts or obligations of the company.

While an accountant, lawyer, or attorney can set up an LLC for you, it is usually fairly easy to complete the formation process yourself with some knowledge and experience. Our separate article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to register a TOV yourself. Most often in Ukraine there are LLCs with one founder.

Despite the seeming simplicity, the procedure for setting up a LLC requires a lot of free time, but also the ability to analyze the norms of the current legislation in Ukraine. Keep in mind that each country has different rules for setting up an LLC, so it is important to take a look at Ukraine's laws before starting.

If we consider in more detail, the prevalence of the organizational and legal form in the form of an LLC is also associated with its other advantages:

  • sufficiently detailed regulation of activities by laws and by-laws;
  • the founders are not responsible for the obligations of the company and are responsible within the limits of their contribution to the authorized capital;
  • possible activity on the basis of a model Charter;
  • the minimum and maximum limits for the size of the authorized capital of the LLC have not been limited.

Setting up of an LLC in Kiev is carried out according to general rules, as well as in other regions of Ukraine.


The cost of registration of the LLC

To clarify the full cost of services, contact the specialists of our company.

The total cost of registering LLC in Kiev depends on a some of factors. Among such factors:

  • LLC founders - legal entities or individuals, residents or non-residents;
  • quantity of founders;
  • the chosen taxation system;
  • the need for expedited registration.

The cost of LLC registration services includes:

  • assistance in choosing the name of the company, checking the presence of a registered company with the same name;
  • consulting on the choice of types of economic activity;
  • preparation of the Charter of the company, minutes of the general meeting of the Participants;
  • advising on the choice of a taxation system for LLC;
  • submission of documents for registration to the registration authority;
  • registration of an LLC as a VAT payer;
  • registration of LLC as a single tax payer;
  • obtaining a statistical certificate (EDRPOU);
  • make of a seal;
  • assistance in opening a bank account.

The cost of registering a LLC can be significantly reduced if you do the registration yourself. For a reasonable fee, our specialists can advise on all registration issues, provide a detailed plan and procedure for registering an LLC, prepare and provide all samples of documents. You just have to contact the necessary authorities, submit the documents of the LLC in the order of priority, and then get the registered ones. Self-registering an LLC, the price will be more than 2 times lower than when ordering a turnkey service.

Setting up of LLC in Ukraine with us.

Our company has over 10 years of experience in providing legal services in this area and is one of the leading companies in this area. We work throughout Ukraine and in addition to registering an LLC in Kiev, our company will help register an LLC in any area. You can certainly entrust the creation of an LLC to us as professionals in this sphere.

What you need to open an LLC in Kiev

Before starting work, you have to to decide on the following questions:

  • choose the name of your future company (it must include the name of the legal form);
  • know the registration address of the LLC. If necessary, we will help you find such an address;
  • to determine the direction of activity and types of economic activities of the company according to the Classifier of types of economic activities (KVED-2010);
  • select the head of the executive authority (for example, director);
  • determine the size of the charter capital of the future company;
  • make decisions on the further activities of the LLC on the basis of a model charter or a charter approved by the founders.

To get started, we will send you an electronic application form, in which you indicate the answers to these questions, on the basis of which we proceed to the preparation of documents.

Choosing the name of your LLC

The name that you choose for your LLC must comply with the laws of Ukraine. In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, it is not allowed to assign a newly opened company a name that is a duplicate of existing business names (that is, they are identical). The name of the company must include the name of the legal form and the proper distinctive name. Punctuation marks (periods, commas, pluses, etc.) are allowed in the name.

We recommend choosing a firm name that correctly represents your business. Since there is no exact formula for choosing the best name, we advise you to adhere to the following guidelines when choosing a name:

  • choose a name different from others;
  • the name of the company is easy to remember,
  • the name of the company is easy to write and pronounce,
  • you can identify by name what exactly your company offers, what items or services you sell,
  • the name distinguishes you from your competitors.

Before registering an LLC, we recommend to check the chosen name for duplication in the official state register of legal entities.

Decide if your name should to sell.

If your name is very original or creative, you might also consider registering it as a trademark (mark for goods and services). This can differentiate your product or service from the competition. Your company's trademark can also protect you from trademark infringement by other companies.

For example, a trademark will allow you to safe your domain, register a top-level domain (* .UA), as well as any other intellectual property related to your business.

You can register your company name through our company or on your own through the Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property (Ukrpatent) by filling out the form.

Trademark fees range from $ 50 to $ 500.

Registration of LLC in Kiev. Starting of work.

To start preparing documents for registration of LLC in Ukraine, we need our completed application form, which we send to you at your request.

Information required for registration:

  • the name of the LLC;
  • future location address of LLC in Ukraine;
  • method of formation and size of the authorized capital;
  • contact phone / fax of LLC;
  • LLC email address (if present);
  • type of prospective activities of the LLC;
  • the size of the shares of each of the LLC participants (if the number is more than one);
  • when the authorized capital will be form by property - a list of this property with an indication of its value and an indication of which founder contributes which property;
  • preferred taxation system.

Decide how your LLC will be managed.

Before registering a LLC, you have to choose which authorities will manage your company, their composition and powers, how they will make decisions, who will manage the company's property, and how your LLC will work in general.

In most cases, the management authorities of an LLC are the general meeting of the company's participants - the supreme management authoritiy and the director - the executive authority. In more complex management structures, at the discretion of the owners, a collegial executive authority - the Directorate and control authority - the Supervisory Board, the Audit Commission, and others can be introduced. The supreme management authority makes global decisions on the activities of the company: of the registration and liquidation of the company, of the appointment and dismissal of the head, on the approval of the annual balance sheet, on the limitation of the powers of the Director, on the acceptance / exclusion of participants in / from the company, and others.

LLC Charter.

Registration of LLC cannot be without registering the Charter of LLC. Recently, LLC activities have been possible in two ways:

  • on the basis of the Charter, the standard provisions of which are registered with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (model Charter);
  • on the basis of the Charter, certified by the Supreme management authority of the company.

The model form of the charter contains the minimum provisions under which an LLC can operate. Its use is mainly suitable for LLC with one founder, where he is also a director. Since in this case management is carried out solely by one person, the emergence of contradictions between the owners and directors is impossible.

Due to the fact that the types of activities, the procedure and conditions for the functioning of each LLC are different, the developed Charters cannot and will not look the same. The charter of an LLC with several owners at the step of set up a company should be as clearly thought out. In most cases, you should consult experienced lawyers to prepare your charter. However, most of Charters should include the following basic elements:

  • the rights and obligations of the participants in relation to the LLC. It is necessary to indicate what each member of the LLC must do in order to contribute to the LLC;
  • how the governing authorities of the LLC will vote, including the order of the voting structure used and the number of votes (or percentage of votes) given to each participant;
  • how profits and losses will be distributed between the LLC and the participants;
  • LLC governing authorities;
  • rules for holding annual meetings and voting on important issues;
  • rules on redemption of a participant's share or rules on buying and selling, which determine what happens when a participant wants to sell his share or the procedure for transferring a share in another way (due to death or disability);
  • the procedure for increasing / decreasing the size of the authorized capital.

IMPORTANT! INNOVATION! Please note that the Charter of an LLC must be developed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Limited and Additional Liability Companies" dated June 17, 2018.

According to the Final and Transitional Provisions of the Law, all LLCs and ALCs must bring their Charters in line with its norms within 1 year (no later than June 18, 2019).

You can learn more about the nuances of bringing the Charter into compliance GO TO THE LINK.

In the charter, we do not recommend allowing ambiguous interpretations of its provisions. The wording should be simple to understand and unambiguous.

Legal address of LLC (location of LLC).

If you plan to be engaged in production or trade, we recommend choosing the location of the company (office) in its closest location to the workshop, warehouse. The close location of the office will have a positive effect on the company's activities. This achieves: a significant saving in time for communication between the office / production, signing the necessary documents, reducing fuel costs.

When you will choose the address of the company, we recommend signing an agreement for the provision of services with Ukrposhta. It is necessary because when the correspondence will arrives, the responsible postal employee sees and knows that your company is really located at this address. At the same time, letters will be delivered to you promptly and in time. Otherwise, the company may not receive / miss an important letter (for example, from the tax office, court, law enforcement agencies), which may entail various negative consequences.

Obtain the necessary business licenses, permits.

Permitting requirements will vary depending on your area or even according to the area in which you plan to do business.

For example, if you will open a restaurant, you must have the appropriate licenses for alcohol, tobacco, have the permission of the department of sanitary and epidemiological services, state supervision and others. City district administrations or village executive committees may also have information on what types of licenses you need, how to apply for them, and what the fees will be.

In addition, some LLC approvals can be obtained and updated via the Internet or by mail.

Opening a bank account LLC.

Equally important in this respect is the choice of the servicing bank, which you can trust to keep their assets. Check the reliability of the bank, in particular, for financial indicators, credit ratings, national ratings, availability of information in open sources about solvency, money laundering, violation of regulations, validity of the license, searches conducted, and the presence of other problems.

Before opening a bank account, you will need to have a number in the register of legal entities indicated on the inventory, as well as cards with sample signatures. Check with your bank about your tariff plan options that best suit your business needs.

If you have already chosen a bank, get from the service manager a list of the necessary documentation that must be provided to open an account. This list may differ for each bank according to their internal instructions.

Documents required for registration of LLC in Ukraine

If the founder is an individual:

  • copies of passports of founders (including non-residents), director, chief accountant;
  • copies of identification codes of founders (including non-residents), director, chief accountant;
  • in case of registration of the founder as an entrepreneur - a copy of the certificate of registration of FL-P or an extract from the USR;
  • a notarized power of attorney from each of the founders to the lawyers of Legal Profservice Law Firm to perform representative functions.

If the founder is a company - a resident of Ukraine:

  • a notarized copy of an extract from the register of a legal entity;
  • a copy of the Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association (if presence);
  • decision (protocol) of the highest governing authority of a legal entity on the establishment of an LLC;
  • decision (minutes) on the appointment of the director of the founder;
  • power of attorney for the representative of the founder (if necessary);
  • a copy of the passport, identification code of the person who will sign the documents of the legal entity to be created on behalf of the founding legal entity;
  • extracts along the chain to the last founders, individuals.

If the founder is a legal entity - non-resident of Ukraine:

  • an extract from the trade, bank register, etc. (notarized copy). The document must be legalized in the statutory procedure. The document must be translated into Ukrainian, the translation is notarized;
  • decision (protocol) on the establishment of an enterprise on the territory of Ukraine;
  • the decision (minutes) of the founder on the appointment of the head with translation into Ukrainian or issued already in Ukrainian;
  • Founder's Charter (with translation into Ukrainian) (notarized copy);
  • a copy of the passport, certificate of assignment of an identification number of the person who will sign on behalf of the founding legal entity the documents of the legal entity (manager or representative);
  • power of attorney for employees of Legal Profservice Law Firm to perform representative functions. The power of attorney must be legalized in accordance with the established procedure and translated into Ukrainian (or issued already in Ukrainian).

Registration terms of LLC

The term of registration of an LLC in Kiev is takes 1 to 3 days.

Our company has many years of practical experience in this area. However, if the documents do not comply with the norms of the legislation, the documents of the LLC were drawn up and submitted with errors, consideration of the application for registration may be suspended until the deficiencies are eliminated. In this regard, the registration period can be increased for several days until the defects in the documents will eliminate. If the inaccuracies are not eliminated, a decision is made to refuse registration and the package of documents is returned to the applicant.

The lawyers of our company have deep knowledge in this sphere and provide services at the highest professional level. Therefore, by contacting our company, you will quickly register a company and are guaranteed to invest in the planned time frame.

Additional terms (if necessary):

  • term of registration of LLC as a VAT payer - 5-7 days;
  • the term for registering a company as a single tax payer + registering an income book is 7-14 days;
  • opening a bank account - 1 day.

Why should you contact our company..

Service quality and competence. Our company has many years of experience in this sphere. We are monitoring legislation and are always aware of new changes. You will have no "pleasant surprises" for you. We can always clearly and concretely answer all your questions. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our services.

Result-oriented. Our goal is to satisfy the most demanding customers. We meet the stated deadlines. Since the best reward for us is long-term cooperation, the client's appeal to us again. We fulfill our obligations.

Reputation. A good reputation is the key to rapid development. The reputation has been building over the years and we can proudly declare that we have a large portfolio of satisfied clients.

Availability. Our company has a staff of lawyers who, if necessary, can replace one another. Unlike private lawyers, we don’t go on vacation, we don’t get sick, we don’t ask for a monthly salary, our knowledge eventually large and thorough.

You can leave a request for our services using feedback form (here) or by calling the numbers specified on our site.

Accompanying services:
- provision of a legal address
- purchase and sale of firms (companies)
- Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner;
- registration of a building license.


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