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Employees of Legal Profservice Law Firm in May 2020 successfully liquidated the foreign representative office of a foreign company with the registered address of the main company in the UK. The company has completed its activities and has successfully passed the checks of all regulatory authorities.


It is known that in 2017 there were some changes in the legislation on the payment of a single social fee.


Согласно украинскому законодательству, иностранные лица, не имеющие постоянного вида на жительство в Украине, обязаны для устройства на официальную работу получить соответствующее разрешение. Такая практика распространена не только в Украине, но практически во всех существующих государствах в мире.


Many Ukrainians are married to citizens of other countries. Also, there are many foreigners who are married to each other and temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine. On the basis of marriage, depending on the situation, it is possible to issue either a temporary or a permanent residence permit. Let's consider in more detail how it is possible to issue a temporary and permanent residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of marriage and what is needed for this.
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Purchase and sale of firms


Purchase and sale of companies.

Do you need a regular clean company - VAT/single tax payer, construction or insurance company, financial company, security company, CIF, AMC or some other? You have come to the address!

Legal Proservice Law Firm has been involved in the sale and purchase of companies for more than 7 years. We can offer a huge selection of companies (construction, security, financial and others) on different tax systems and with different parameters. We have more than 1000 ready-made companies for sale. Our database of companies is able to satisfy the most demanding customer.

Sale of firms (companies).

Currently, creating a business is a complex process that requires a lot of time, financial, analytical, creative and etc. It is extremely difficult for a person without experience to understand everything himself. And it’s impossible to know everything. On the way to the creation of the company will be bureaucratic procedures, with lines, nerves, piles of unnecessary papers, and the poor mood of registrars and inspectors. Why waste time and nerves if you can buy a ready-made company? This is one of the best options. Why? Ask us, please.

Buying a registered company allows you to solve the following problems:

- all the procedures for company registration have been completed, so you do not need to wait a month for registration by the VAT payer, you do not need to wait for the next commission to obtain a license. A company is already registered, it has already been registered with the necessary taxation system, it have got the necessary licenses, the company has been included in the necessary registers, and a stamp has been received. It remains to make a decision and start working.
- all registration documents are available and compiled correctly, because they were compiled by a law firm;
- if desired, the company can be sold in a short time;
- you already have assistants in the face of the Law Firm Legal Profservice, which, if necessary, will provide legal and accounting support services for your company.

We are always glad to regular and new clients. In our person you will find not only a qualified partner, you will receive a 100% result and legal support for your business in the future.

You can leave a request for the purchase of a company using feedback form (here) or by calling the numbers specified on this site.

Firm purchase price.

The cost of a company in Ukraine can vary in a wide range. You can buy a company at a price of $200. The cost of some companies can reach 100 thousand US dollars and above. The price of a company depends on many factors.

The price of a company increases depending on:
- taxation systems (buying a company with VAT in Kiev will cost more than without VAT);
- registration dates (companies older are sometimes valued higher);
- availability of licenses;
- availability of revolutions for a certain period;
- site availability;
- other conditions.

You can leave a request for the purchase of a company using feedback form (here) or by calling the numbers specified on this site.

Start your business with us and get triple benefits!

Purchase of firms (companies).

And now you have already enjoyed all the delights of doing business, earned a fortune and decided to go on a well-deserved rest, change your direction of activity, start all over from scratch. We are ready to help you with this. If you have a clean company or a company that carried out certain activities, we will quickly find out a buyer and, if necessary, carry out all registration activities related to the change of founders and director of the company as soon as possible.

You can leave a request for the purchase of a company using feedback form (here) or by calling the numbers specified on this site.

Entrust your business to professionals!

Accompanying services:

- company registration (LLC, state of emergency, private enterpreneur);
- change of founders / amendments to the Charter;
- change of director of the company;
- change of types of economic activity (KVED).