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Employees of Legal Profservice Law Firm in May 2020 successfully liquidated the foreign representative office of a foreign company with the registered address of the main company in the UK. The company has completed its activities and has successfully passed the checks of all regulatory authorities.


It is known that in 2017 there were some changes in the legislation on the payment of a single social fee.


Согласно украинскому законодательству, иностранные лица, не имеющие постоянного вида на жительство в Украине, обязаны для устройства на официальную работу получить соответствующее разрешение. Такая практика распространена не только в Украине, но практически во всех существующих государствах в мире.


Many Ukrainians are married to citizens of other countries. Also, there are many foreigners who are married to each other and temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine. On the basis of marriage, depending on the situation, it is possible to issue either a temporary or a permanent residence permit. Let's consider in more detail how it is possible to issue a temporary and permanent residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of marriage and what is needed for this.
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Intellectual law in Ukraine

Intellectual law

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The correct use of intellectual property and copyrights is increasingly affecting business efficiency - well-known brands attract more customers, which leads to increased sales and profits, throu to innovative technologies, business entities allow them to maintain leading positions in completely different areas of the economy.

But making a sustainable return on investment in intellectual property requires not only inventing a utility model or creating a respected brand, but also an appropriate level of protection.

The level of legislative regulation of control over the protection of intellectual property rights by state authorities has not yet reached the level to be sure that their rights are protected without the use of qualified legal assistance. The correct use of intellectual property rights is relevant both for new, developing companies and for large companies, whose intellectual property rights, unfortunately, are sometimes violated.

Our company provides a wide range of legal services within the framework of the practice of intellectual and copyright law, which allows comprehensively protecting the interests of the Client. We provide the following services in the field of intellectual law:

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